She stab.

Ascent: Infinite Realm teases class elements and all four races

Finding out more about Ascent: Infinite Realm can be very feast or famine, but perhaps your appetite will be whetted at the prospect of some...
Vendi ad me frat

Final Fantasy XIV launches Blue Mage into the spotlight today

It's time to say the words that everyone in a party wants to hear in Final Fantasy XIV: "Don't kill this guy yet, wait for...
Well, that sounds fun.

Anthem shows off the gameplay of its speedy Javelin, the Interceptor

Each of Anthem's four Javelins is meant to support a different playstyle, and the Interceptor is for those who feel the need... the need for references to...

Blade & Soul developers share some information about the game’s next class

If you're eagerly looking forward to the name or footage of the next class planned for Blade & Soul... well, we hate to deflate your...

The Archer has arrived in Kritika Online

Crashing through the sky comes a fearful cry! It's a hawk's cry, specifically. Followed shortly by an actual hawk in someone's face, followed shortly...

MapleStory M releases the new Aran class and Pink Bean encounter

While most of the focus lately has been on the desktop sequel, MapleStory M is continuing to hum along with a brand-new content update. This...

Aion South Korea’s new Graffiti Artist class will paint the town red (and every other color too)

The South Korean version of Aion is getting a new splash of color courtesy of its recently revealed Graffiti Artist class. As MMO Culture...

Black Desert Online will show off new Archer class, Drieghan expansion at TwitchCon 2018

The folks at Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced their plans for TwitchCon 2018, where they'll be showing off the upcoming Archer class...
Oh, thanks.

MapleStory 2 prepares for its upcoming launch with a new class and a new area

MapleStory 2 has launched its headstart, but it hasn't actually launched yet. And unlike many games, it intends to make its actual launch a...
What will we do?

There’s a new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online, but what will it be?

There's a new class on its way to Lord of the Rings Online according to one of the weekly streams from Standing Stone Games....
Hey, what's your deal, inky?

OrbusVR plans its first major expansion with OrbusVR: Reborn

It's never too early for an expansion, right? OrbusVR is still in early access, but it's already planning its first major expansion with the...
Trade tricks.

Pantheon fully reveals its last three classes

If you're still figuring out what you're going to play in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, you've gotten the last of your options revealed....

Bless Online shares more about the Assassin class and holding dominion

Very soon, players of Bless Online will get to try their hands at playing an Assassin, but why wait until the patch arrives? The...
Right, so this is awful.

TERA adds a new class option for Elin in Korea

Most of the classes added to TERA after its launch have been restricted to certain races and genders, but the latest update for the...

Tree of Savior update to introduce new classes, a new dungeon, and more

A big update is coming to Tree of Savior next week, introducing two new classes (with accompanying master quests and class costumes) as well...

TERA brings the Gunner to console players

Want to have some fun shooting everything while you're playing TERA on consoles? Give the Gunner a try, then, because that's her whole deal....

TERA announces Heroes Oath update for June 7 on PC, preps console players for the Gunner’s arrival

En Masse is laser-focused on its next release for TERA. Called Hero's Oath, the update is slated to launch next week on June 7th,...
Sure, why not, who cares.

Bless Online teases players with a class overview before launch

The Steam launch of Bless Online draws ever closer, and that means you're going to need to pick a class to play. You have...
Actually call it a comeback.

WoW Factor: Speculative classes for the future of WoW

If Allied Races show us anything, it's that World of Warcraft is really in no danger of running out of new races to throw...

Skyforge introduces you to the shape-shifting Grovewalker

Think you've mastered the full roster of Skyforge's classes? You're about to have one more, and this one could give you a run for...