TERA brings the Gunner to console players

Want to have some fun shooting everything while you’re playing TERA on consoles? Give the Gunner a try, then, because that’s her whole deal. Yes, the Gunner has arrived on the game’s console version, and if you’ve gotten used to playing her on the PC you’ll be happy to know that she’s very similar to her desktop incarnation. She’s a utility class with a lot of options and a very, very large gun.

If you’re reading something into that, we can assure you it’s totally unintentional.

Of course, her guns, turrets, and heavy armor give gunners the option to tank through content while blasting away enemies on the battlefield, so even if you’ve never played the game before it should be an appealing class option for console fans. Check out the trailer for the class just below, and get your trigger finger itching.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release
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Ben Stone

I thought TERA would be perfect for console, but I was wrong, its totally garbage on PS4.


I have to say for all Tera’s faults, the Gunner’s gun animations and sounds are pretty awesome.

I felt like a real gunzerker swinging that thing around.