TERA announces Heroes Oath update for June 7 on PC, preps console players for the Gunner’s arrival

[AL:TERA]En Masse is laser-focused on its next release for TERA. Called Hero’s Oath, the update is slated to launch next week on June 7th, when it’ll “continue the story of intrigue and betrayal within the Valkyon Federation, culminating with players delving into the abyss to prove their true intentions.”

“Located in the Velika Outskirts surrounding the capitol city, Antaroth’s Abyss will challenge – and reward – players like never before with both normal and Hard difficulty modes available at launch. The dungeon will be the second location for players to earn in-game masks with beneficial stats, with a chance for bosses in the Hard difficulty to drop an Infinity Mask. Players will be able to upgrade their existing Stormcry gear to the next tier, named Heroic Oath, with future updates to add enchanting to and more to the set. Hero’s Oath will also introduce PvE dungeon leaderboards, which will function similar to the PvP battleground leaderboards with monthly resets to give dedicated players a shot at the top slot. The dungeon leaderboards will feature Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard Mode) and Pit of Petrax at launch, with more dungeons planned for inclusion in later updates.”

Notably, the studio will kick off a new recurring level-up event on PC tomorrow.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing that TERA players on console are waiting for the console game to catch up with the extant desktop version? That’s for each individual player to decide, but it does mean that you can get more excited about known things. What sort of class will the upcoming Gunner be? Well, good news, you can download the game and try it on your desktop right now. Of course, you could also watch the trailer for the class just below. And if you already like playing the class on the PC version, you can rest assured that the console version will be very similar, just… on console. So why not watch the trailer below anyhow? It’s fun and packed with explosions. (And appropriately weird.)

Source: Press release, official site
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