Final Fantasy XIV launches Blue Mage into the spotlight today

Vendi ad me frat

It’s time to say the words that everyone in a party wants to hear in Final Fantasy XIV: “Don’t kill this guy yet, wait for him to use the right attack.” Yes, Blue Mage is now enabled in FFXIV, allowing players to explore the first limited job, a solo-based job focused around collecting a variety of different abilities to use in all sorts of content. That includes a specialized mage tank stance, the ability to launch a disgusting burp, and blowing yourself up.

These are more useful than they sound.

Players excited to try the job out on their characters should potentially take a look at a community-made guide to learning all of the different spells from the easiest possible targets, although several abilities can be earned from multiple sources. Or, if you’d rather, just head out there and hunt things down on your own! You can also check out our own Chris Neal giving Blue Mage a twirl later today at 11:00 a.m. EDT right on our usual streaming page.

Source: Square-Enix press release
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