The Archer has arrived in Kritika Online


Crashing through the sky comes a fearful cry! It’s a hawk’s cry, specifically. Followed shortly by an actual hawk in someone’s face, followed shortly with a volley of arrows. That’s just how the ArcherĀ rolls inĀ Kritika Online, and you can find out when you roll one now. Yes, the class is here, using the power of a bow and arrow to fill enemies full of tiny feathered spears after they get clawed at by her hawk companion.

A free character slot has also been added so you can be sure of the space to make your archer, along with a slightly easier difficulty for some Danger Zones, two new types of accessories, and three new challenger zones. The game has also rearranged main quest lines post level 65 to improve overall flow and promote smoother progress. The patch is live now, so you can start delivering arrow-based death now if you’re keen on the idea.

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