Anthem shows off the gameplay of its speedy Javelin, the Interceptor

Well, that sounds fun.

Each of Anthem’s four Javelins is meant to support a different playstyle, and the Interceptor is for those who feel the need… the need for references to very old movies that existed as thinly veiled military recruitment videos. Or speed. One or the other. The point is that the Interceptor is a speed demon, not just in terms of its movement speed but to the extent of actually having its shields recharge faster as it rockets around.

The Interceptor supports multiple builds, but it does love swooping between enemies for melee strikes, predicated on the idea that the best defense is no longer being in the same time zone as whatever fired at you by the time the shot lands. You can check out how the Interceptor plays in the video just below; if you can’t bear to stand still and figure that “glass cannon” doesn’t matter if nothing can ever hit you, it might just be the Javelin for you.

Source: YouTube via VG24/7
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