Blade & Soul developers share some information about the game’s next class


If you’re eagerly looking forward to the name or footage of the next class planned forĀ Blade & Soul… well, we hate to deflate your expectations, but neither of those things exist yet. There’s no footage to be had, and there’s not even a name yet being discussed for the next addition to the title in Korea. Fortunately for fans, though, thereĀ is new information about what the class will include, so that should at least ameliorate some of the need for new information.

We know that the class will be a ranged damage dealer, with sophisticated controls for veteran players and elements of range and placement in terms of its abilities. Players with more skill at setting up positioning will be more successful with it, so skilled players can expect to be better at dealing damage on a whole. There’s no launch schedule for the class just yet, but at least you can get some idea of what to expect from these early teases; hope for more information sooner rather than later.

Source: MMO Culture
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