There’s a new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online, but what will it be?

What will we do?

There’s a new class on its way to Lord of the Rings Online according to one of the weekly streams from Standing Stone Games. And that is all we know about it at this point; the latest video from YouTuber Andang just below points out that as of yet we haven’t even been given a name for this class. So his video can’t spend three minutes dissecting the announcement, but he can spend time speculating about what a new class could possibly do.

The thrust of the video is that there are a few options like a ranged stealth class of some sort, but it’s hard to really see a lot of other space for a new class not fundamentally doing the same thing as existing classes… on the Free People side. On the monster play side, there’s lots of space for new options for a gameplay field that has been long neglected. Check out the video and feel free to start speculating; speculation is about all you’ve got right now, after all.

Source: YouTube via Reddit
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