MapleStory 2 prepares for its upcoming launch with a new class and a new area

Oh, thanks.

MapleStory 2 has launched its headstart, but it hasn’t actually launched yet. And unlike many games, it intends to make its actual launch a real launch, not just a day of declaring “the game is launched” when everyone could already play it for free for years beforehand. So that means updates are arriving to the game on the full launch date of October 10th, like a brand-new class in the form of the Runeblade. If you think that sounds like the name of a class with elemental attacks mixed in with melee abilities… well, you’d be entirely right.

[AL:MS2]The launch will also unveil the new Karkar Island zone, a tropical resort where everything is fine so long as you ignore the marauding insects and marauding robots based on old game consoles. Yes, that’s a thing. Throw in a new style crate, a board game, and some official launch registration events, and it should feel substantial when the game moves into its full launch even if you’re playing happily in early access.

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