TERA adds a new class option for Elin in Korea

Right, so this is awful.
[AL:TERA]Most of the classes added to TERA after its launch have been restricted to certain races and genders, but the latest update for the game in Korea is at least expanding the options available for the Brawler. As part of the game’s summer update, players are able to make Elin Brawlers, which operate much like the class has previously operated (lots of punching, can serve as either a tank or a damage dealer depending on player preference). So it’s a familiar class, just shorter.

There’s no word on when this is arriving on these shores, but given the game’s history it’s safe to assume that it will indeed happen. Check out the trailer just below (and yes, it says Fighter rather than Brawler; that’s the class name in Korea) and keep your eyes peeled for updates about this particular change in the future.

Source: MMO Culture
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