Missed LOTRO’s Weatherstock X? Watch (and listen) to the full experience!

Are you kicking yourself that you missed out on last weekend’s Weatherstock X in Lord of the Rings Online? The tenth player music festival, which is one of the most well-known in the MMO community, raged for a good part of Saturday as several bands duked it out for audience approval.

There’s a good chance that our readers may have missed some or all of the show. In that case, welcome to the internet, where everything is recorded and nothing forgotten! We’ve got the full show for you after the break, and congrats to the Gallic Frogs for taking home first place!

Source: Twitch

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I went to Weatherstock in game for awhile last year, but unfortunately I was busy most of the day last Saturday and didn’t get a chance to go this year. Might check out the video sometime :)


I have never really liked LOTRO, but man, this is so great. I wish other mmo’s to implement musical instruments mechanics.

Vincent Clark