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Missed LOTRO’s Weatherstock X? Watch (and listen) to the full experience!

Are you kicking yourself that you missed out on last weekend's Weatherstock X in Lord of the Rings Online? The tenth player music festival,...

The fiddle brings a new sound to Lord of the Rings Online

Now that the fiddle is a playable instrument in Lord of the Rings Online, the only question left is who will be cast to...

Sea of Thieves will give pirates musical instruments to fill the time

Pirates don't just live by the code of the sword and skull; sometimes a good buccaneer likes to fill his or her day with...

Check out MapleStory 2’s Rune Blader and piano jam

Hungry for more glimpses of the adorably colorful MapleStory 2? Steparu posted a new video from the game's beta that shows the Rune Blader class going through...

Shroud of the Avatar highlights zones, player-made music

Shroud of the Avatar's latest weekly update is a meaty deep dive into everything from the fantasy sandbox's musical system to its zones to...

Shroud of the Avatar’s release 22 ‘feels like a turning point’

Shroud of the Avatar's Release 22 is scheduled for tomorrow, and whoa does it boast a lot of stuff. Producer Starr Long has penned...

The Daily Grind: Should all MMOs come with player music systems?

While developing player music systems might seem like a superfluous effort, in my opinion it is a feature that should come standard in most...