RuneScape delays its newest elite dungeon for more polish while Old School RuneScape grows its team

Cool, we get to live still!

RuneScape is excited about its new elite dungeons, but the team isn’t quite satisfied with the performance of the second one to push it to live. Therefore, Jagex has decided to delay the Dragonkin Laboratory to work on it some more. The team said that it should be out on August 13th.

A small patch released this past week will allow players to track down the little critter that they most adore (or finish up their collection). “Added full unlock hints for over 70 pets in the pet interface,” Jagex wrote in the patch notes. “This should make it easier to work towards the pet you really want to get.”

Meanwhile, over at Old School RuneScape, the studio is expanding and restructuring its team for this “flourishing” MMO to accommodate faster and more responsive releases. “We’re making a few changes to the structure of our team which will complement large releases by allowing us the resource to move quickly when met with good suggestions and requests,” the studio said.

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