Aion South Korea’s new Graffiti Artist class will paint the town red (and every other color too)


The South Korean version of Aion is getting a new splash of color courtesy of its recently revealed Graffiti Artist class. As MMO Culture notes, Graffiti Artist isn’t the class’s official name, but we can’t precisely translate the Hangul character, and since the class’s official introductory trailer shows her tagging a monument with a can of spraypaint, it seems fitting enough.

The Graffiti Artist wields a pair of mystical, chakram-esque rings that she can use to blast her enemies with paint, and based on MMO Culture’s information that the class “works best in parties and will boost team members’ strength by ‘200%,'” we can likely surmise that her powerful pigments will bring some potent buffs, as well. Further details on the new class are scarce at the moment, as it’s only just been announced, and most of the current information is available only in Korean, but hopefully we’ll learn more about it in the near future. In the meantime, however, you can check out the Graffiti Artist’s official announcement trailer (as well as a short making-of documentary, in Korean of course) just below.

Source: MMO Culture
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