Ragnarok Origin adds Dancer and Bard to the Archer class progression

And this continues somehow.

So you started playing Ragnarok Origin as an Archer, but you’re level 39 and you’ve realized what you really want to do is dance around or sing at people. You’re in luck, then, as the game’s most recent update adds in the ability to progress to be a Dancer or Bard at level 40. Of course, before you get too excited, it should be noted that both class options are gender-locked. As we all know, men do not dance and women do not sing.

Dancers even have the ability to emit a horrible screeching sound that forces listeners to cover their ears. Really.

Players can also explore the new map of Comodo and a new challenge difficulty for taking on the Endless Tower once you clear level 55. The update is live right now, so you can go in and have a ball to your heart’s content. It’s worth noting that this is the version of Ragnarok Online available for mobile devices, rather than a rogue server; Gravity Interactive has been getting much more aggressive about shutting those down and taking action against them.

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