Star Wars Galaxies Legends’ latest update brings GCW changes, ability updates, and more decor items


The latest summer update for rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has arrived, and while it’s not bringing anything particularly explosive to the game, it does touch on a lot of existing things that players will likely want to keep track of.

Many of the changes in the patch are related to the Galactic Civil War, with the ability to purchase faction point insignias, the introduction of several community contributed layouts for several Flashpoints, and a host of quality-of-life changes like an adjustment to the maximum number of bases each faction can have per planet, the ability to place a base in a contested region so long as that faction’s side is winning by at least 51%, and a bonus to GCW score contributions under certain conditions.

In addition, the patch adds a series of new decorative player city objects including park benches, Jedi statues, and Dark Jedi obelisks; makes some tweaks to Commando grenade abilities and specific Medic healing skills; inserts improvements for Beast Masters, pets, and mounts; and applies upgrades the Myyydril Caverns Mystical Stone. It’s a cornucopia of a patch that fans will probably want to follow along with.

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