Blade and Soul launches its third Summoner specialization with its next patch on April 14


Sometimes, you want a new specialization for a class in Blade & Soul that’s grounded in something like a deep reflection on martial arts and secret techniques handed down through generations. Other times, you want cats flying UFOs and shooting neon star lasers across the sky. Those who want the latter will be very happy by the third Summoner specialization, the Way of Fantasy, which is being added as part of the game’s next major patch on April 14th.

Players who are not playing a Summoner (or just feel like putting a summoned cat in a flying UFO is where the goofy-meter breaks off) will still be needed to take on a new challenge against the childlike Yippi and Skippi. Save kidnapped children, get currency items to trade in for victory, and try not to get too distracted by the people who are shooting neon stars around the battlefield. It’s just fantasy.

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