Tarisland’s Ranger looks like the comfiest hunter class fantasy


Considering how popular Hunters were — and are — in World of Warcraft, we’d say it stands to reason that Tarisland’s Ranger will receive a lot of attention when the MMO releases. Tencent’s Level Infinite released a new preview this week of the bow-using class, and it’s clear that the studio is trying to make this as comfortable and familiar a profession as possible.

Rangers can specialize either in Tamed Beast or Hunting. Tamed Beast uses traps and other shots to build up “collaboration rating,” which can then be spent to summon a tiger or hound for a limited period of time. Hunting spec, on the other hand, rewards players for standing stock-still with increased damage and improved skills.

“Although Rangers are independent, their role in a team is irreplaceable. In crucial moments, Rangers can quickly set up traps and fire arrows to protect their teammates,” the studio said.

Tarisland is gearing up for a November closed beta test with a wide array of PvE improvements.

Source: Tarisland
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