No, Lord of the Rings Online’s newest class won’t be the Corsair


Players are having a field day speculating about the new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online with this fall’s expansion. And while some players spotted the name “Corsair” mentioned on the test server, Standing Stone Games said that this was just a red herring.

“We know people are speculating on a possible class name since it was semi-discovered on Bullroarer, but the name is not the name we are going with for eventual release,” said the game’s community manager. “It’ll still probably show up in places in the game data, but its name will be different than people are speculating about.”

As the expansion is focusing on the “shore of the Corsair kings,” it’s a good bet that the class will be nautical-themed in some fashion. We’ll continue to take educated guesses in the comments, but this author likes the idea of “Mariner.”

Source: LOTRO
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