Soulframe talks about animation and hints at a ‘very very closed’ pre-alpha in December


This year’s TennoCon event offered a lot of insight into Digital Extremes’ upcoming multiplayer title Soulframe, so now appears to be the right time for the studio to get more granular about the game, which is highlighted by a literal campfire chat with members of the animation team to discuss how Soulframe’s whole vibe changes the way the studio’s animators work.

As one might expect, the multiplayer RPG’s slower pace compared to Warframe changed a lot of how DE’s animation team approaches its work, with one dev arguing that Soulframe’s speed made it more animation driven, especially in relation to the new combat and movement systems. A lot of hay is made about the game’s motion matching animation tool, which makes movement and combat animations flow more seamlessly into one another, while the devs discuss their portions of the TennoCon demonstration, including wolf animations, boss animations, and making animals talk.

The video closes out with vague plans for a “very very closed” pre-alpha that’s stressed as an extremely early build for some time in December, which is intended to test some of Soulframe’s early systems and gather player feedback. The devs also drop word of more previews of additional bosses to save and an “avocado man” to look forward to sometime soon.

source: YouTube
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