Nightingale offers up a cloud monster, sleepy wolves, and a functioning second hand in November report


What do a giant monster made of venomous clouds, wolves taking a nap, and a newly functional off-hand have in common? They’re all part of Nightingale’s development report for November. Obviously. And if you didn’t guess that correctly, well then I guess you should try to pay better attention in school.

Inflexion’s latest dev blog is another grab bag of random progress updates, which leads off with some workbench sound effects for players to listen to, then goes into some new details of the Humbaba, a massive threat that’s capable of issuing venom clouds and summoning harpies.

The post then confirms that off-hand items like umbrellas, torches, and healing consumables have now been added to the latest playtest. Finally, careful players can enjoy watching a pack of wolves settle in for a nap if they’re lucky. None of this offers more clarity on the expected February 2024 launch window, obviously, but there are still things to look at and now to listen to in the video below.

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