NCsoft’s battle royale brawler Battle Crush enters open beta on PC and Android until October 30


Back in March, we received word of NCsoft’s latest game Battle Crush, a self-described “action battle brawler” that otherwise plays out like any battle royale title you may have seen or experienced before, only with a top-down perspective, a cutesy art style, and a melee focus. The title has aims to launch next spring on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch, but those who are interested in seeing how the game works before then are able to join in on a global beta test now.

The test is open until Monday, October 30th, on Steam and Android for 25 different countries across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, with three different modes to play and 15 characters to try out. On the subject of those three modes, the game’s primary team battle royale mode will be open at all hours during open beta, while solo brawl mode and build-up mode will be available for two hours each day at specific times. The game’s Steam page provides all of the timing details, while some fresh gameplay footage awaits below.

sources: press release, Steam
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