V Rising hosts a PvP tournament with all game DLC as the grand prize October 28


The PvP contingent of V Rising players is being summoned forth by developer Stunlock Studios with the unveiling of the Crown Vampire Tournament, a single elimination PvP event that is offering some unique prizes for those who participate, including DLCs for the top winners.

Specifically, the first place winner of the event will be receiving all current and future DLC that the survival sandbox will release, along with some branded schwag, a unique Discord title, and their name added as a servant or horse in-game (with edits possible to avoid vulgarity or copyright infringement). Runners-up will be awarded current DLCs, Discord titles, and name inclusion in-game, depending on what place they fall.

The tournament itself is scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 28th, with singups available now for those who are interested in fighting their way to potential free DLC. Otherwise, fans can look forward to a livestream of the event.

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