Classic anime MMORPG Legend of Edda has resurfaced under new stewardship


Do you remember Legend of Edda? We touched on it in a recent Battle Bards episode but also covered it back on Ye Olde Massively: This anime MMORPG based around Greek mythology first launched in 2010 and featured six classes, PvP between Olympian and Titan factions, and a host of quests and dungeons. The game also went offline for a period of time between 2011 and 2012 before developer GamesCampus shut it down in 2014 thanks to hacking attempts, gold purchasing, and game crashes that proved too costly for the studio to handle.

A Reddit post brought to our attention that the MMO has earned a new lease on life thanks to developer Eya Soft and developer/publisher IndigoWare as Legend of Edda: Pegasus, a free-to-play revival of the MMORPG that returned to fans this past July. Pegasus heralds the game’s original features and a progression system that ultimately leads to the factional PvP Sacred War once players have earned enough power and experience, and this revived version of the title has been receiving a wide assortment of updates while also planning future large content patches through the first half of 2024.

For those who have any memory of this original MMO or who are curious to crack open this time capsule, Pegasus is playable both on Steam and through a direct launcher download.

sources: official site and Steam via Reddit
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