NCsoft is launching Battle Crush, a new MOBA, to PC, Switch, and mobile this year


Last night, NCsoft announced a new game: Battle Crush. I actually had to read the press release twice when it hit my inbox because the studio specifically namedropped Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul, AION, and Lineage in the presser, but this game is nothing like any of those and indeed isn’t from any of the company’s existing franchise, nor is it an MMO. It’s essentially a battle royale, though the studio is calling it an “action battle brawler.” It’s also super cutesy and plucks characters from classical mythology.

“Premiere game developer and publisher NCSOFT, has taken the gloves off and unveiled their upcoming action battle brawler Battle Crush in two brand new trailers. Showcasing a vibrant world and cast of Greek and Roman mythological characters, Battle Crush is non-stop fun with battles for up to 30 players. It’s all about the last man standing in Battle Crush. Play as some of the heavy hitters from Greek and Roman mythology, like Poseidon and Urus across various battlefields in fast-paced action-packed brawls. Battle Crush features a casual battle design and simple controls, coupled with unpredictable braw battles amplifying the fun. “

Expect it out on PC, the Switch, Android, and iOS “later this year” as a global release.

Source: Press release, Steam
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