ArcheAge projects include UI streamlining, global arena, and Fairy race


Despite scooting off of social media, ArcheAge is showing signs that its game world isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Kakao has a meaty March update planned for the sandbox MMO — and more past that.

This year’s first big update includes two new reward tracks, a revamped Fall of Hiram City and Skyfin Nest, another tier for Brilliant Erenor accessories, an additional healing skill, an increase of the quest cap to 150 at a time, and an effort to streamline the crowded user interface.

“Given that there was too much information being displayed on the in-game screen, we have improved the game menu UI and eased the access to the system through the menu,” the devs said.

Past the update, ArcheAge is working on a global arena for the first half of this year, a Daru transformation system for the summer, and the new female-only Fairy race for next year.

And don’t get too caught up in hardcore activities to ignore the fuzzy cuteness waiting for you at your house:

Source: ArcheAge
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