ArcheAge is shutting down its Twitter March 17 and moving announcements to Discord and its website


Whether there are lines to read between here or not is likely up to personal presumption, but the fact is that ArcheAge is going to be shutting down its own Twitter account on March 17th and moving announcements to other venues instead.

Specifically, players are being asked to follow Kakao Games’ official Twitter to keep AA-related announcements on their feed, while the game’s website and its official Discord will still remain functional sources of update information.

Reactions to the announcement have not been full of confidence, as the vast majority of replies on Twitter seem to believe this is the beginning of the MMORPG’s end. Both AA and Unchained have been seeing some regular updates, the most recent of which was just last week, but those updates have been mostly about launching limited-time events, opening fresh start servers, or making some minor tweaks to existing content.

In addition, releasing the ArcheAge name on Twitter seems extra odd considering the handle was created by Kakao after it took over from Gamigo and the MMORPG’s sequel is somewhere on the distant horizon. Make all of that what you will; perhaps there are some lines to read between after all.

source: Twitter
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