Albion Online’s latest patch tweaks Crystal League’s ruleset and buffs quarterstaffs


Albion Online’s latest update to its Beyond the Veil arc is not going to knock anyone’s socks off with its depth, but it does include a long list of changes, most notably to the Crystal League, which Sandbox Interactive has been warning about for weeks.

“Crystal League match rules are changing next season. Runestones now score less frequently, but successfully scored Runestones reset each round. This stops teams from simply getting a Runestone advantage, playing defensively, and winning over time. To make up for longer scoring rounds, the point value per rotation is increased so match duration remains roughly the same.”

The patch, which is already live, also improves Twitch drops, alters the Albion East beta downtime timeslot, and balances pretty much every weapon to “[improve] some underused and outdated abilities,” particular with the quarterstaff in PvE – my own personal favorite.

“Two new abilities are added to improve early PvE experience and offer more options for damage-dealing bruiser playstyles with Quarterstaffs,” the devs say. “Separator, a rarely used ability, is buffed: its root duration and cast range are increased, making it easier to reach a target and working better against enemies with Robe of Purity active.”

Source: Patch notes
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