NCsoft’s mythological battle royale, Battle Crush, is launching next spring with CBT signups open now


You wouldn’t normally look to Nintendo Direct for news on NCsoft multiplayer titles, but 2023 is still pumping out surprises. Today, NCsoft announced that its new title Battle Crush is launching on the Switch in the spring of 2024. Battle Crush is not an MMORPG; it’s PvP title that kinda looks like what would happen if SMITE added a battle royale mode.

“The 30-player PVP brawler action game will also be released on Steam and mobile, featuring crossplay. Battle Crush lets you play as Poseidon, Hades, Medusa, Hermes, and other mythological figures in quick, action-packed, strategic brawl battles with approachable and intuitive controls. […] Players will fight with their chosen characters, called Calixers, to become the strongest player out of 30 and be the last one standing as the ground collapses beneath their feet while enemies come from all directions. It offers a dynamic, strategic brawl battle experience with simple and easy controls. With its unique battle arena, the game also provides various play modes that up to 30 players can enjoy concurrently. A diverse range of Calixers, inspired by mythological figures with their own story and skills, will be available to choose from.”

A global beta test begins October 23rd; signups are already live for players in North America, Europe, and SE Asia.

Source: Press release, Steam
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