World of Warships celebrates eighth birthday with gifts, new ships, and graphical upgrades


Where did the last eight years go? If you’re a World of Warships player, those years were spent on a video game boat, and both you and developer Wargaming have plenty to celebrate.

“Celebrating eight years since the launch of World of Warships, Update 12.8 is ready to get the party started,” Wargaming says. “Kicking off today, players can unlock a number of rewards in the form of battle performance bonuses and festive tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for the player’s choice of reward, which include camouflages, discounts for Tier VIII ships, the French Tier VIII cruiser Bayard, Containers and Super Containers, as well as a host of common, special, and rare economic bonuses. Birthday celebrations don’t stop there; Warships welcomes Tier IX European battleship Karl XIV Johan to the game! Alongside this new ship comes a designated permanent camouflage, three Commanders each with a unique voice over, and of course, its own flag and a patch.”

The ride-along update today heralds the return of the airship escort battle mode to random battles, ongoing graphics and audio enhancements, the release of Spanish cruisers out of early access, and introduces new brawls.

Happy birthday, World of Warships!

Source: Press release
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