Elder Scrolls Online is finally previewing update 40 and the Endless Archive


We’re about to slide into the fourth quarter of 2023, if you can believe it, and that means Elder Scrolls Online’s fourth and final major update of the year is just around the corner. In fact, ZeniMax Online has been hyping the heck out of its stream today, which is meant to take the wraps off both update 40 and what ZOS is calling the Endless Archive. Remember the randomized repeatable content mode the team has been teasing all year? This is finally it.

“The Endless Archive is an exciting all-new arena experience, free for all Elder Scrolls Online players! Players and an ally must fight to survive in randomized arenas where no two encounters are ever the same, filled with a variety of monsters and bosses sourced from all over Tamriel! With each new stage complete, the difficulty of subsequent arenas will increase, and players must progress as far as possible before they suffer three deaths.”

The stream kicks off just as this article goes live at 3 p.m. EDT on September 14th; we’ll be updating with the highlights when it’s over!

We’ve spun out our full run-down of the preview in a separate post right here!
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