Old School RuneScape ports over another classic Gnome quest


A new quest is nothing to sneeze at in a RuneScape game, especially when it’s continuing a fan-favorite arc. Jagex announced that Old School RuneScape is porting over The Path of Glouphrie, a sequel to The Eyes of Glouphrie. And despite this being a port of the iconic quest, the studio said that it’s making some improvements to it.

“In The Eyes of Glouphrie, you revealed a sinister espionage plot aimed at the Gnome Stronghold,” Jagex said. Now it seems that King Bolren has acquired a worrying new pet. It appears that Glouphrie’s next target is the Tree Gnome Village… what could he be planning?”

The mission rewards players with two quest points (bringing the grand total in the game up to 300 QP), XP boosters, and access to the new Poison Waste dungeon. This place is stocked with warped tortoises and terrorbirds — and a new exclusive staff.

Old School RuneScape continues to be in the news as of late thanks to officially supporting a fan-made HD graphics mod and a new RuneScape board game.

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