Old School RuneScape officially supports fan-made HD graphics project


This isn’t something you see very often in the MMO space: an MMO studio giving full approval and official support for a fan-made graphical overhaul of its game. The latest patch for Old School RuneScape added an option to activate a community-created high definition remake of the classic-era MMORPG called HDOS.

“Alongside this update, we’re also happy to announce that the community-led HDOS client will also be available to use directly from the launcher too,” the studio said. “If you already have the HDOS client installed, it will show as an available option for you in the client selection drop-down.”

HDOS is dedicated to “restoring the high detail graphics of RuneScape while maintaining its original charm.” Essentially, this upgrades the 2007-era graphics to the 2009-2011 era. It also is optimized to “run smoothly on lower-end PC builds.”

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