NCsoft showcases gameplay and early details of its new shooter MMO Project LLL


While NCsoft elected to avoid this year’s upcoming G-Star, it is once again revealing things on its own on its YouTube channel. The most recent showcase videos are about a new game codenamed Project LLL, which seeks to more closely merge shooters and MMOs together into one game.

In the gameplay trailer, we see a sci-fi armored player character attempting to teleport to a mission location, but his transmission is interrupted, requiring him to fight from an underground location to the surface. The video references an enemy type known as Old Ones and showcases a mixture of stealth and active gameplay with the player swapping between two weapons, using suit abilities in a very Anthem-esque manner, and at one point taking control of a hostile mech.

The second video provides some additional context from the devs of the project, explaining Project LLL’s setting that merges a post-apocalyptic Seoul, 10th century Byzantine empire, and the 23rd century into one concurrent point in time. The devs also talk about PvE and PvP content, a seamless open world with various vehicles, and meaty gun combat. A lot of talk is also made regarding the team’s passion for shooters and MMORPGs and its attempt to merge the two genres together.

This desire is additionally repeated in an internal interview with project lead Seeder Jaehyun Bae. “We want to create a new market that is exclusive to NC with a new IP that incorporates the keywords ‘Shooter’, ‘MMO’, and ‘Open World,'” he says. “We are developing a project that combines different play styles and elements from NC’s previous games, and we are very excited to share a sneak peek with our community.”

Additional details about Project LLL are shared here as well, like the game world’s size of 30 square kilometers and content that procedurally generates based on a player’s situation. Bae further projects that the game will release globally sometime in 2024 on PC and console.

Interested fans can find both of the videos are waiting below, and while they are in Korean (obviously), there are subtitles in English.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), NCsoft website via Reddit
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