Korean MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicle launches globally in 2020


We’re positive you won’t remember this because we sure didn’t, but at G-Star way back in 2017, Com2uS trotted a bunch of its new MMOs, including Summoners War. We already knew it was coming thanks to earlier reports. And now, it’s actually prepping for launch with its final name, Summoners War: Chronicles. The gist here is that the Korean game uses an IP popularized on mobile, but this one is a full-on MMORPG.

“Com2uS (CEO James Song) announced the official title of the Summoners War MMORPG Project – Summoners War: Chronicles – with gameplay images and main illustrations. Summoners War: Chronicles is a MMORPG featuring a story set 70 years before the storyline in Summoners War: Sky Arena, and the game has been drawing attention even before its release due to the powerful Summoners War IP. Summoners War: Chronicles will bring the core concept of Summoners War, summoned monsters, to the new genre accordingly to provide the fun of a unique MMORPG. Players can select up to three distinctive characters and enter real-time battles with up to three summoned monsters per character. Characters can share summoned monsters and resources, allowing players to make strategic choices for diversified gameplay. The gameplay images also feature multiple players attacking the boss monster by using their summoned monsters in the raid field.”

The press release expressly says it’s launching globally and is set for the last half of 2020.

Source: Press release
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