Summoners War MMO emerges from mobile game


We have seen our fair share of mobile game spin-offs from MMORPGs, particularly eastern titles. The reverse isn’t as common, but today we do have word that one mobile title has grown in popularity enough to warrant the creation of a full-fledged MMO.

MMO Culture is reporting that South Korean developer Com2uS has announced that it is crafting an MMO based on its Summoners War turn-based strategy RPG. There’s little known about the Summoners War MMO other than it might be the first part of a wave of spin-off projects from the mobile title.

Summoners War was released back in 2014 for both iOS and Android devices and has since racked up over 50 million downloads.

Source: MMO Culture

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Aura End

I like this game so much. MMO games are so interesting. I also like these mmo games

Kickstarter Donor

I like the game its like a fantasy pokemon and the microtransactions are annoying but entirely avoidable. An MMO like that would be nice if done well it has all the necessary to be fleshed out. But Korean developer means like most eastern mmos it will likely be grind heavy and microtransaction centric.. but I would LOVE for them to prove me wrong.

Dug From The Earth

9, 524 mobile clones on the play store are the result of the original version of this game.