Pearl Abyss devs talk up the visuals, story, and gameplay features of Crimson Desert’s solo adventure


If the preview video of the upcoming Crimson Desert whet your appetite for more detailed video footage, then you’re going to absolutely gobble up a new video featuring the game’s devs that provides a little more context and a few details about what players can look forward to while playing the game’s single-player adventure.

A great deal is made at the opening of the video about Crimson Desert’s visuals, particularly with regards to view distance, volumetric clouds, and grass. There’s also a bare little bit about the solo story, which casts players as a character by the name of Macduff. The devs further point out that players will “often find themselves on the move,” with villages to find, NPCs to meet that have troubles to be resolved, and fishing to do if they wish. There are also a couple of looks at a Time Dungeon, a location that immediately begins warping time before players even enter them and is said to have some significance, though information on what this delve entails is being held back for now.

As far as combat, which is arguably the big draw from the Game Awards preview video, the devs talk up the ability for foes to drop their weapons and have them picked up to be used against them, as well as the variety of pro wrestling and taekwondo moves used by Macduff. There’s also a preview of some puzzle solving, a look at some sort of signal uncovering feature that’s a work in progress, and several boss fight scenes.

What this video doesn’t provide is insight into the MMO portion of Crimson Desert, which we hasten to point out appears to be less BDO and more GTAO. Those details will ideally be forthcoming, but for now you can get a look at the latest gameplay details in the embed below.

source: YouTube
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