Black Desert starts pre-creation for Nova and the winter season


The latest patch for Black Desert is all about pre-creation. Do you want to create your Nova character now ahead of the full class release? Go to town. Do you want to be ready for the winter season when it kicks off with a character all created? Get prepped up. Heck, you can even get extra stuff for pre-creating your character ahead of time with the events that are running, so that’s some extra motivation to create what you can’t yet use.

Aside from pre-creation and collecting the gifts for the upcoming Nova launch, this patch is a bit on the lighter side, but it does feature a new mythical fish to chase after, improvements to mount speed, and the usual potpourri of bug fixes and quality-of-life buffs. Check out the full notes even if you’re not super sold on the pre-creation and time-limited season servers… but hey, now’s the time to gear up just the same.


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Hikari Kenzaki

Hikari Kenzaki

Couple good coupon codes in the patch notes above, but BDOVALK is definitely worth snagging. Advice of Valks +100