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Desert Oasis: Black Desert has grown so much in its 3333 days of life

Black Desert is celebrating 3333 days of operation today. That's a little over nine years, with plenty more in store. The Scholar class just...
boat stuff

Black Desert Online brings new currents and disembarking to ocean voyages

The first sea adventure you have in Black Desert Online you're enthusiastically staring at the mainsail once you confirm that's what the big one is,...
It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Kingdoms of Elyria is no longer launching this year, quelle surprise

In what will surely shock anyone with the memory of a mayfly that has suffered severe head trauma and has gotten blackout drunk, Kingdoms...

Black Desert PC raises item costs to counter inflation, dates guild war adjustments, and adds spooky ships

A whole lot of stuff is once again happening in the PC version of Black Desert, and I'm not feeling clever enough to try...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light design makes perfect practical and aesthetic sense

In the last edition of Desert Oasis, I barely scratched the surface of Black Desert's Land of the Morning Light expansion. I've still got...

Desert Oasis: First impressions of Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light

Long-time Black Desert players know about a little town on the northwest corner of the map. It's the city of Port Ratt, and for...

Black Desert shows off Land of the Morning Light’s locations and boss battles in latest videos

Pearl Abyss continues to roll out the video footage for Black Desert's upcoming Land of the Morning Light expansion, this time showcasing a pair...

Desert Oasis: Returning home to Black Desert Online

Back in October of 2020, I penned a column about the worst week I’ve ever had in Black Desert. The series of unfortunate events...

Black Desert PC makes a long list of improvements to the Archer class and ramps up treasure drops

If you play the Archer in Black Desert on PC, then this newest patch is pretty much just for you, as it introduces a...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s Jaehee Kim and Jesse Joo on accessibility, community, and playing their own game

Attending the first Calpheon Ball in the US was an awesome experience. Getting to see fellow Black Desert fans, watching the joy in peoples' faces...

Desert Oasis: The Woosa, the Maegu, and new lands – the highlights from Black Desert’s 2022 Calpheon Ball

Black Desert had a pretty quiet 2022. It might be a good thing considering how much bad press some of its peers have been...
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Black Desert adjusts the Hashashin and adds Find My Item functionality

If you want to find a particular item you have somewhere in your inventory in Black Desert it can be a somewhat arduous task....

Desert Oasis: Black Desert Mobile has a little something for every playstyle

It's amazing how fast two years flies by. It didn't seem that long ago that I was doing my first impressions piece of Black...

Desert Oasis: ‘Jumping’ into Black Desert’s new Drakania class

Everything gets better when a dragon knight is involved as far as I'm concerned. Kain Highwind made Final Fantasy IV the single best Final...

Desert Oasis: Hands-on with Black Desert’s Eternal Winter expansion, launching April 6

I needed to take a sabbatical. Not just from Black Desert, but the whole genre. The pandemic gave me a lot of computer time, and...

Desert Oasis: Unearthing the origin story of Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss

On our side of the pond, the exploits of various popular video game companies and their founding are well documented. But when it comes...

Desert Oasis: The key takeaways from Black Desert’s Heidel Ball 2021

It's been a busy two weeks for Black Desert Online. The past week saw another Arena of Arsha event, this time with trial characters. And...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s Atoraxxian dungeon is a good idea, but will it last?

Burger and Fries, Mario and Luigi, Garfunkel and Oates. Are there any other iconic pairs? Oh yeah! RPGs and dungeons. Be it the sprawling...

Desert Oasis: Why Black Desert Online is my favorite MMO

It's crazy how fast two years go by, but it's how long I've been running this column. I've interviewed the lead producer Jaehee Kim,...

Desert Oasis: So Black Desert wants to be an esport now

Even though the San Francisco Giants threw away a 6-2 lead against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday, the real highlight of my weekend was...