Black Desert shows off Land of the Morning Light’s locations and boss battles in latest videos


Pearl Abyss continues to roll out the video footage for Black Desert’s upcoming Land of the Morning Light expansion, this time showcasing a pair of vignettes about the expansion’s locations and some of the bosses skulking around those locations.

The first video not only shows off in-game footage of a variety of new locales but also highlights some of the real-world parts of South Korea that inspired the area’s design, so not only is it a gaming destination flythrough, it’s also a little look at some of the sights of the country.

The second video is unsurprisingly much flashier, as it provides brief glimpses of several different boss fights waiting in the expansion, from oni to ghost girls to a kitsune to one very angry kitty. The opening of the video also appears to grant a brief look at the Awakened Maegu class in action.

Speaking of Awakened classes, last week’s Awakened Woosa has also gotten another video that provides a more granular look at the class’ skill combos. All three videos await below the break.

sources: press release, YouTube (1, 2, 3)
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