Black Desert PC releases the Awakened Woosa today, plans Awakened Maegu for June


The awakening has come for another one of Black Desert’s classes, as today’s new update for the PC version sees the Awakened Woosa class as the headlining feature. This new level of Woosa combat is described as one focused on mid-range attacks, featuring a Soul Tome magic spell book weapon, violence with mystical flowers, and power in large-scale PvP battles.

The arrival of the new awakening also means that there are plenty of themed events including hot time boosts and Twitch drops, while other events bring login rewards and prepare for the Land of the Morning Light expansion with a new Magnus quest. Other features for this week’s patch include several class adjustments, a wide assortment of improvements to workers, and some general updates and fixes.

Meanwhile, Pearl Abyss has offered some preliminary details for the awakening of the Maegu class, confirming that it will wield a pair of fans and some debuffing fiery fox spirit magic in battle. More details on this class update are expected sometime later, while the awakening itself is scheduled to arrive sometime in June.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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