New World developers talk sandworms and Season 2 rewards in Forged in Aeternum

The rhythm does nothing!

So where did the inspiration come from for New World’s Season 2? Believe it or not, it came from lore notes and a desire by the developers to have the game’s season feel like a summer blockbuster. That’s related in the latest Forged in Aeternum video, with creative Dave Verfaillie hosting a chat with lead seasons designer Patrick Smedley and narrative designer James Huang as they chat about the season. After all, the game already has one sandworm causing a mess. What if there were more, and more importantly, what led to the sandworms being dormant for so long in the first place?

The team also discusses the rewards that players can expect from the second season (spoiler: transmog tokens, among other things) as well as player feedback to the first season and changes that were implemented as a result of feedback. If you’re hyped about the second season and want to hear more about it straight from the development team, check out the video just below.

Source: YouTube
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