Lost Ark announces June 14 update with the Elgacia continent and new dungeon


If Diablo IV isn’t your cup of isometric multiplayer grinder, Lost Ark would like your attention, as last night it announced its update plans for June. Smilegate and Amazon are heralding the new Elgacia continent, capped off by mountains, gardens, and its core city Ereonnor. There’s also “a new storyline, 4-player dungeon, the final 25 floors of Fortunespire, as well as quality of life updates, player improvements and cosmetics.” The 4-man abyssal dungeon is Kayangel:

“The storyline isn’t the only epic experience in Elgacia. Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary also arrives— a 4-player Abyssal Dungeon that can be accessed after completing the Elgacia story. The Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon has two difficulties; Normal and Hard, and has 4 gates to save your progress. Normal Mode will require Item Level 1540+; Hard Mode will require Item Level 1580+. The harder the difficulty, the more impressive the rewards will be, one of which enables the ability to upgrade Ancient Legion Raid gear set bonuses to level 3, and another that upgrades Relic Ability Stones to Ancient!”

Elgacia arrives June 14th.

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