Crimson Desert’s lead producer talks about PvE, co-op campaigns, and trade


Our own Black Desert columnist and many of our readers have pondered aloud just what awaits players in Crimson Desert, one of several newly announced games Pearl Abyss dropped on us at G-Star 2019. A bit of that wondering is probably done now as lead producer Jason Jung was able to offer a bit more insight during an interview that touched on some of the MMORPG’s base features.

According to Jung, Crimson Desert will be “really focused on the PvE players” with the potential for raids and dungeons in the game, along with large-scale battles against castles and trade between bands and corporations, both in preparation for these battles and in general. Crimson Desert will also let players play the majority of the game’s main campaign in co-op mode as well as provide “one storyline by himself,” which seems to suggest there will be single-player parts of the narrative.

As for PvP, it’s not entirely off of the table, just less of a focus, and even then there is still promise of an element of cooperation such as PvPvE. There also is promise of cross-play between PC and any console versions of Crimson Desert, though the devs have not outright said there will be a console version, and even then they’ll likely wait on the next generation of consoles.

source: WCCFTech
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