Camelot Unchained’s knockback will send your heart (and torso) soaring


Just because Camelot Unchained is switching from a weekly to a monthly developer update doesn’t mean that it is skimping on the news. From Skald testing to ragdoll tech to an upcoming backer scenario to really cool skydome art, the November report has a lot of exciting developments for fans to ingest.

Snowy biomes and slush monsters are part of the team effort as of late. “These odd ice and snow monstrosities are the creation of freezing cold fronts that coat the lush evergreens in rime (frost),” the team said. “[Mark Jacobs] got the inspiration to add these to the game from an article he read about Zao Onsen in the Prefecture of Yamagata in Japan, and the art team was happy to oblige.”

The team is adding some zing to the game with knockback tech: “Matt has been working very hard on a knockback system that will add a lot of excitement to combat in the game. With both melee and projectile-based knockback undergoing successful internal testing, we’re having fun sending enemies flying with powerful slams and smashes, as well as explosive arrows.” Check it out in action in the following video.


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Knockback + player collision = fun times in PvP!

Some of my favourite PvP moments from WAR involve knockbacks. I played a black orc (tank) which had an AoE knockback. I hit a hell of a lot of players into the lava in Tor Anroc! And I hit a hell of a lot of players off bridges and walls when defending keeps.


I’ll get knockedback when this game get’s released, if ever.

Kickstarter Donor

Knockbacks are very cool visually, but in my experience, there are few things more frustrating in an MMO than sitting there being unable to control your character. Hopefully, there will be some sort of safeguards to prevent people from being effectively stunlocked (or the knockback equivalent where you just keep getting up, running back in, and getting knocked back again) as a result.

Adam Russell

You got me wanting to go try it again (even though it is just a pvp game really). Do they only have open servers at certain times?


It’s a good start.
But I would preach caution, since I’ve seen my share of games with knockback so large where every little hit would send you flying across the map. It’s something that can become very frustrating rather easily.
Esp given it’s a MMO where chaining knockbacks together is a very real possibility.


Looks like they got knock back perfect on the first try! Don’t nerf it!!!