Embers Adrift vows to ‘never’ add PvP to the game, promises free play weekend in June


Following the publish of its Shrieks in the Deep patch in late April, Embers Adrift is keeping spring springy with community events in May and the promise of a free play weekend sometime in June. “Stay tuned for the exact date of the weekend,” the studio said.

The team spent time talking up the additions to the Grimstone Canyons and Forgotten Depths zones in its State of the Game report: “With hordes of new creatures spilling out from the Forgotten Depths and the Stonecoats dominating this part of the Canyons it’s no wonder the Grimstone Marauders have only a tentative grasp on this territory. Come explore the higher ground of these canyons to see what new challenges await.”

If you were wondering when Embers Adrift is going to get PvP, a recent dev video answered that question: “Never. It’s not going to be a PvP game.” The studio says that it is more important to balance the game around PvE and player collaboration.

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