Rockstar Games outlines new content for GTA Online, confirms the end of major updates for Red Dead Online


Players of both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online have both gotten a community update post, and it spells good news for one title and possibly bad news for the other. Regular readers can probably guess which game is getting which news.

We start with GTAO, which is seeing more players than ever before thanks to the game’s arrival to current-gen consoles according to Rockstar. As a result, the devs will be adding new gameplay updates, experience improvements requested by players, and upgrades to allow easier access to all of the game’s features. An update that’s arriving soon will additionally bring an expansion of the criminal careers feature, more GTA$ payouts, some weapon balancing, and a new set of contact missions that sees players sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.

As for RDO, it reads a lot like the game is entering maintenance mode: Rockstar confirms that development resources are being pulled towards creating the next GTA game, which in turn means that players will see additions to existing modes and new telegram missions instead of major themed updates. “[W]e want to thank the community for their continued support. We are truly grateful for all the constructive feedback we’ve received up to this point and hope you keep it coming,” reads the post.

Regular players of RDO likely already saw the writing on the wall in this regard. Players have been trying to call attention to the game’s content drought as far back as 2020, when they protested by dressing up like clowns. RDO otherwise didn’t receive any major content injections until July 2021, and a lackadaisical update at the beginning of this year sparked yet another community protest. As for the game’s head count, there are just a few thousand diehard devotees still in the game at the time of this writing.

sources: official site, Steam Charts. Cheers, Yrys.
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