Red Dead Online players protest content drought by dressing up like clowns

We expect some of the finest quality apology ponchos for this


In what is probably both the most wholesome and strangest protest in recent memory, the players of Red Dead Online have banded together to call out developer Rockstar’s lack of updates by dressing up like clowns.

According to Magnar, a player who manages a Discord that has formed around this protest, it all came about by a desire to express player frustration in a fun way, while also acknowledging that the players themselves are the clowns for continuing to play the game despite Rockstar not providing any updates or communication. “We’ve seen so many times people who are dissatisfied vent their frustrations in really negative ways,” says Magnar. “But with the Red Dead community, a lot of people still love the game, they’re just disappointed with Rockstar taking them for granted, so yes, we do still play, but we’ll vent any frustrations in a more fun, clowny way.”

The movement has since taken off, with players arriving to the community Discord showing off pictures of their characters in a variety of circus-themed outfits and at one point filling an entire session of Red Dead Online with nothing but clowns — you can watch a video of those shenanigans after the cut.

Readers will recall that Rockstar lauded players of RDO as being part of a record-breaking holiday season last year. The studio also stated that it was “100% focused” on Red Dead Online for further updates instead of single-player DLC. Since then, the mode has let people become moonshiners and kicked out a couple of new Showdowns, but it hasn’t otherwise done much in terms of content since April. Oh, the devs also had to combat racists because of course it did.

source: Discord via Polygon
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