Rockstar is apparently ‘100% focused’ on Red Dead Online rather than single-player DLC

Nothing really changes.

As players who prefer PC games wait patiently for Red Dead Redemption 2 to arrive on their preferred platform, the players who already got through the single-player game on consoles may well be waiting for more of that. Sorry to disappoint, then, but in a recent interview Rockstar’s lead online production associate Katie Pica explained that the studio is entirely focused on producing more content and options for Red Dead Online rather than single-player DLC:

We’re 100% focused on online right now, because like I said, there’s just so much to do, and we’re just hoping to bring everything that a player can love about single-player into the online world, and fleshed out.

The interview continues with staff members stressing the new features added to Red Dead Online in recent months, including the three roles added with the game’s recent Frontier update. Bad news for players who really prefer the single-player experience, but good news for fans of the online mode, and probably an uplifting glimpse into the future for players who are still eagerly anticipating the game’s launch on PC. (It’s taking a while, but at least the online content will keep flowing.)

Source: VG24/7

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Cool. Give me pve only servers then. Im too old to waste time with kids that do nothing but grief people like it pays mom’s mortgage.


Wait a second, a few months ago we were let slip information from the friend of someone working at Rockstar that said friend was working on a DLC single player expansion project for RDR 2.

In fact I found a story about it, despite it being rumor, it has the information here if you want to look into it (seems legit):

Though I guess they could have turned it into an online expansion instead of a single player one.

Some people felt that secret DLC may be what Rockstar was submitting to the ratings boards lately.

We were told they never did GTA 5 expansions because for one thing they were working on RDR 2 instead at the time.


Considering the amount of time I put into RDR2 single player, and I still didn’t see all the content, it’s not a game I’ve felt needed any DLC. But I am definitely looking forward to when it migrates to the PC.

It does make me wonder how they’re going to monetize it quite the same. There’s only so many wagons and horses one might want, as opposed to the wide variety of modern vehicles.


It turns out they’ve improved character creator dramatically so it’s possible to create good-looking toons. Interesting.

Axetwin .

In a move that should surprise absolutely noone. Many of us have been predicting this from the moment RDO was confirmed.


Oh well, shame. But I can’t complain that I didn’t get my money’s worth out of the single-player.

Still, no DLC ,no more money from me.


Welcome to the future of all online all the time.


The younger generation of gamers has been groomed for this and it’s all they know, so I guess you’re right.

Kickstarter Donor

I don’t actually mind that tbh as RDR2 is a pre-made character whereas the one we use for RDO is a character we make ourselves and thus has far more meaning to me as the player.

Danny Smith

They clearly want it to be another GTA online where they can milk tweens with shark cards for that sweet, sweet zoomer money but kids dont seem to care about westerns anymore than i was a kid.

I mean yeah i’m sure that much money all over again is theoretically tantalising, but it feels like the audience isnt there at all.


Well I am one of the ones waiting for PC and mostly for Online. I owned GTAV on PS3 then on Xbox One S and on PC. I played the most on PC.