Red Dead Online brings four new maps to Showdown mode’s featured series


If your time indoors involves rocking people’s faces in Red Dead Online’s various Showdown modes, then this week is a good one for you. Rockstar Games has brought four new Showdown maps to the featured series, each with its own unique little wrinkles, as Showdown modes often have.

Each of these new maps sees players start only with a fistful of throwing knives as weapons, though shotguns are littered through each map that players can find. The new maps in this week’s featured set are an Overrun territory control match in Pike’s Basin; a CTF-style Plunder match set in Stillwater Creek; Spoils of War in Roanoke Valley, which tasks players with stealing from enemy stockpiles while defending their own; and Up in Smoke at Kamassa River, where players have to deliver explosive packages to their enemy’s camp.

In addition to these new Showdown maps, players of Red Dead Online can enjoy double XP in any Showdown mode between now and Monday, April 13th. For those eager for some rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ and lootin’, it’s looking like an active several days.


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I gave RDR2 another try after it wouldn’t stop crashing when I purchased it months ago. Same problem now; ERR_GFX_STATE no matter what I do.

It’s a widely reported problem and yet Rockstar still hasn’t stamped it out. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll get to play this amazing game.


New map won’t help much when the first thing I think looking at my toon is “heck, gotta uninstall that abomination asap”.